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How Brexit Has Affected Exports in Britain
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The Brexit vote in 2016 saw a mix of reaction from economists about the aftermath of the referendum on trade in the UK. Many predicted an economic downfall for the UK. However, according to the data provided by Office for National Statistics (ONS), Britain exports have continued to increase over the few months after Brexit. The data compares trade activities in the whole year after Brexit.


Trading with non-EU countries

Brexit offers a chance for Britain to intensify trade with non-EU countries such as USA, India, China and the developing countries. Its trade with non-EU countries has...

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China’s Place in World Economy
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While all countries are important for the world economy, there are some like China that contribute immensely. China continues to open up and integrate with the rest of the world. This move has seen it become the most important economic driving force globally.


China’s Imports and Exports

China imports and exports massively. Exports surpassed imports by 736 billion dollars in 2016, according to Economic Complexity Index (ECI). The country shipped the bulk of its exports to the U.S. Most imports originated from Hong Kong, while the U.S ranked as the third most...

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Germany’s Trade Surplus Is Attracting Further Anger
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It is no secret that Germany is running the largest surplus economy in the world. This has attracted huge criticism from other leaders such as US-President Trump. What is angering these nations is that the surplus is projected to increase and to remain the largest in the world this year.

In 2016, Germany had a surplus of $285 billion – compared to China which had a surplus of $190 billion and Japan's surplus at $170. This trend is expected to continue if a recently leaked forecast by Börner Group (BGA) is anything to go by. In the forecast, it is estimated that foreign...

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The Quagmire Resulting From NAFTA Renegotiations
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The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, was enacted in 1994. It created a free trade zone between the US, Canada, and Mexico. The agreement has been one of the major concerns of the Trump administration's economic policies. During his campaign, President Trump promised to renegotiate the terms NAFTA with the goal of increasing the economic benefits the US receives from it.


Unfruitful 1st round of renegotiations

The first round of renegotiations took part in Washington from August 16th to 20th 2017. It began with what many seem to consider harsh and rigid attack and...

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Practical Advice
Planning Solid Export Strategies: Three Mandatory Stages
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Are you developing an export strategy to carry through your company’s products or services? Do you want make sure your export strategies stand on its own as a profitable success? This could be your biggest and most profitable adventure yet, so it’s best to plan and research extensively. 

At the very essence, developing an export strategy unfolds in three fundamental stages where you focus separately on the “Where”, “When”, and “What”. You need to go through these in order as you start working on your blueprint for success...

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Indian Engineering Exports to China Surge 123%
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The April-June quarter of the current fiscal year saw India register a huge increase of 123% in the export of engineering goods to China. In figures released by the trade body EEPC India this equated to $629 million, up from $282 million in the comparative quarter of the previous fiscal year. This notable increase was driven by the rise in exports of non-ferrous metals, which in June alone saw a staggering 971% increase on the same month of the previous year from $14.75 million to $158 million.


Trade Deficit

The importance of these figures becomes more evident when considering...

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Why a review on the export target in India has to be done
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Trade is a major contributor to the Indian GDP. Exports, in particular, make up to 20% of the GDP. The export of goods and services has created numerous job opportunities: Approximately 50 million sells abroad are said to create over 1 million jobs. In 2020 the exports from India were estimated to hit 900 billion. This target mark might not happen for some reasons. This is why the government is reviewing the export targets.

Global challenges have been said to affect the 2020 target of 900 billion. Experts also say it will be hard to even gather 750 billion from exports. Just like...

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New Trade Agreement between America and China
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A sign progress was announced in April for a trade deal between America and China. Finally the U.S President, Donald Trump and the President of the Republic of China, Xi Jinping, came to an agreement at their Mar-a-Lago meeting on trade partnership. The meeting's aim was in advancing U.S-China economy.


First results of the 100 day plan

During the meeting, the nations agreed on the economic cooperation of a hundred day plan under the support of the U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Negotiation. The Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross of the...

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British Manufacturers Surprise With Growth
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The expected slowdown of the UK's exports has not occured as economists had anticipated. It was attributed to the EU referendum in July which saw consumers and manufacturers looking forward to economic chaos and the plummeting of sterling. The UK discussion of the Brexit was and is also another key factor that economists use as a measure of UK’s hold up to its exports. This expectancy has, however, not come to pass as UK industries escalate their production and enjoy the biggest export growth to a three-year high in April 2017.


Highest expansion rate since...

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Inside Story
German Export Surplus – Justified?!
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Not too long ago Donald Trump issued complaints about the numerous German cars on American roads compared to the number of American cars that were bought by Germans. There have been many debates around this issue of Germany running a surplus in foreign markets, but some German experts refute the claims: This surplus be a reflection of the products the market wants. 

The reasons for Germany's surplus are complex

While trade experts argue, that for America to export more to Germany, they have to excel in producing better cars, the reasons for...

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