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Europe To Apply U.S. Tarrif Countermeasures
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The G7 summit held in Charlevoix, Quebec, on Saturday ended on a negative note. After two days of very difficult meetings mainly focusing on the protectionist stance taken by the U.S., tensions escalated after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that Trump’s tariffs were insulting in the closing conference. The US president reacted with a Twitter tirade soon after, and true to his signature unpredictable and incendiary responses, he announced that he had ordered his representatives not to honour the Communique, due to Trudeau’s false remarks made after he had left...

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Italy's Economy Recovers Despite Underlying Problems
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With forecasts of 1.5% GDP growth for the year, Italy's economy continues its gradual recovery after many years of struggle. The country saw a loss of around 9% of its GDP between 2008 to 2013 during the financial crisis. However, recent figures show a 0.4% reduction in unemployment as business confidence grows and Italy benefits from the general economic improvement across Europe. Yet for all the positive signs, structural issues still remain in the economy, which along with future political elections could have a negative impact.


Underlying Problems Remain

Italy's economy...

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Effects of Brexit Felt Following Downfall in Expected Economic Growth
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Several observers of international economies are citing a slump in economic growth of Britain following last year's vote to quit the EU. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that it expects Britain's economy to grow by not more than 1.7 percent in 2017 against an early projected growth of 2 percent. The expected economic growth for 2018 stands at 1.5 percent.


An Ailing Economy

The economy of UK didn't seem to be affected by the results of last year's referendum, but that seems to be changing. In the recent months, the Sterling Pound has tumbled in value, and...

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Debt and Downgrades – Why did Moody's downgrade China?
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In an unfortunate turn of events for China, Moody's has downgraded their credit rating leaving shares in dismay. Consequently, the debt of the country is rapidly rising and will rise further if it isn't remedied swiftly. Shock in China ensued this Wednesday when their credit rating dropped for the first time since 1989. However, this wasn't entirely a surprise as many people have stated the downgrade was inevitable as there had been concerns for some time.


Action was expected due to increasing debt

The drop from Aa3 to A1 has been on the mind of many anxious...

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Russia's trade growth showing positive signs
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Economic growth in Russia has slowed down owing to sanctions imposed by other governments for its role in the Ukraine crisis in the last two years. While the recent visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel provided some hope that the issue of sanctions would come up, it did not feature much in their discussions. Nonetheless, the German chancellor said she hoped some sanctions may be lifted, under the condition that Russia shows significant progress in adhering to the Minsk peace plan. Especially Merkel has been a vocal supporter of the sanctions since the seizure of the Crimea...

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