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Investors losing confidence in Turkey
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The Turkish Lira is continuing to lose ground against the US Dollar as the political and economic turbulence between the two countries worsens. What started as a political problem regarding the release of an American citizen being detained by Turkey on terrorism charges has now become a full-blown trade war between the two nations. The US has imposed tariffs on imports from Turkey which prompted a direct response. Investors are now losing confidence in the ability of the two leaders to restore the relationship and reverse the decline of the lira. 

Experts fear a collapse


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Trade Dispute Between the US and China Might Return
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China and the United States declared a truce in their current trade conflict . Consequently, this has lightened tensions, stopped the immediate threat of the United States tariffs on China’s goods plus cheered stock markets. 


Long-run Picture Might Not Be Bright 

The outcome of the talks has made the supporters of Trump's American First policies upset, left key differences untouched plus kept alive the possibility of a disastrous trade war between the two biggest economies in the world. A vague statement that the two nations released stated next to nothing...

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What Does Trump's Steel Tariff Mean For Trade Relations?
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After making good on his campaign promises to cut taxes and make regulatory rollbacks, US-president Donald Trump's proposed trade tariff is obviously an unexpected shock within his economic agenda.

What does Trump's new tariff actually mean?

First and foremost, the most worrying implication is a trade war. Other countries who export steel to the U.S are undoubtedly going to retaliate if Trump gets his own way. Triggering off a trade war may be "good" in the eyes of the President, but it can have a stifling effect on economic growth. Savvy observers have...

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China and US Announce Business Deals
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United States President Donald Trump struck a more conciliatory tone on his visit to China then may have been anticipated, ending in an announcement of $250 billion worth of business deals between the two countries. Having been highly vocal on the campaign trail regarding America's overall trade deficit with China which stood at $310 billion last year, he laid the blame with previous American administrations, saying China had to do what was best for its people. However, he did emphasise that the trade imbalance was unfair and one-sided, although he does not seem to have gained any major...

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The Revision of the Korus free trade agreement
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In a press briefing held of last week, South Korea stated that it was open to have a discussion with the United States to revise their trade pact Korus that was agreed on back in 2012. This came after a threat by the United States President Donald Trump to put an end to the accord between the two countries if there was no renegotiation.


Renegotiations are to come between South Korea and the USA

After a day of multiple discussions, the trade industry of South Korea acknowledged that there was need to amend the trade agreement to assure that there were mutual benefits...

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The Quagmire Resulting From NAFTA Renegotiations
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The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, was enacted in 1994. It created a free trade zone between the US, Canada, and Mexico. The agreement has been one of the major concerns of the Trump administration's economic policies. During his campaign, President Trump promised to renegotiate the terms NAFTA with the goal of increasing the economic benefits the US receives from it.


Unfruitful 1st round of renegotiations

The first round of renegotiations took part in Washington from August 16th to 20th 2017. It began with what many seem to consider harsh and rigid attack and...

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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue Without Satisfying Result
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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue held on 12 July 2017 was not as productive as expected, an indication that there will be further constraints in the market between the two economic giants. An anticipated opening of U.S. companies in the Chinese market did not reach a satisfactory agreement during the Wednesday dialogue. 


Focus on the Dialogue

The meeting held by the Trump administration and China wants a “more fair, reciprocal and equitable” trade relationship between China and the United States to cut China’s $347 billion trade deficit. Wilbur...

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US Oil Exports Expected to Quadruple by 2020
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US crude oil exports have doubled since 2010 from 2.4 million barrels a day to about 5.2 million barrels reported at the end of last year. This is according to the figures reported by PIRA Energy published in the Financial Times last week.


U.S set to be Among the Top 10 Exporters

Oil market analysts have predicted that the US will be among the top ten crude oil exporters in the world by 2020. Currently, Saudi Arabia is the leading crude oil exporter exporting at least 7 million barrels of crude oil daily. This may be bad news for the OPEC countries since US is not a member of OPEC...

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Difficoult relations between the USA and Germany
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Germany has had the privilege of enjoying a number of trade-related surpluses over the years. This is with a good reason especially considering they are one of the world's top exporters in the European Union and have close trading ties with the USA.


Long existing trade deficit

However, the recent past has seen a lot of backlashes especially coming from the Trump administration. The administration seems to be unhappy with the trade deficit that the USA has with Germany. Although it is something worth looking into, it may be an unwarranted move especially considering Germany's...

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New Trade Agreement between America and China
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A sign progress was announced in April for a trade deal between America and China. Finally the U.S President, Donald Trump and the President of the Republic of China, Xi Jinping, came to an agreement at their Mar-a-Lago meeting on trade partnership. The meeting's aim was in advancing U.S-China economy.


First results of the 100 day plan

During the meeting, the nations agreed on the economic cooperation of a hundred day plan under the support of the U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Negotiation. The Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross of the...

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