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German Export Surplus – Justified?!
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Not too long ago Donald Trump issued complaints about the numerous German cars on American roads compared to the number of American cars that were bought by Germans. There have been many debates around this issue of Germany running a surplus in foreign markets, but some German experts refute the claims: This surplus be a reflection of the products the market wants. 

The reasons for Germany's surplus are complex

While trade experts argue, that for America to export more to Germany, they have to excel in producing better cars, the reasons for...

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Israel and Europe sign energy deal
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Israel on Monday signed a preliminary agreement of pumping gas across the Mediterranean with Greece, Cyprus and Italy. It is planned to cost around $6bn-7bn. It will be the deepest and longest subsea route in the world. The route will extend from Israel, Cypriot, and the offshore gas fields of Greece and Italy. It is estimated to run for about 2,200km and reach depths of almost 3 km in some places. Studies have shown the project to be technologically and financial feasible, with the likelihood of it being completed by 2025. 

According to Israel’s energy minister Yuval Steinitz,...

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Asia’s Exports Back on Track
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For the first time in 15 years, the global trade grew more slowly in 2016 than the world economy. Global and regional trade deals seem to be going nowhere, but the American president, Donald Trump, has assured his country of protection against “carnage” inflicted on trade. 

In the midst of this snag in the global market, Asia’s exports seem to be heading in the right direction. For the first time in ten months, Chinese exports in January went up year-on-year, while there has been an increment in South Korean’s shipments for three consecutive months. From the...

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