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Practical Advice
Planning Solid Export Strategies: Three Mandatory Stages
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Are you developing an export strategy to carry through your company’s products or services? Do you want make sure your export strategies stand on its own as a profitable success? This could be your biggest and most profitable adventure yet, so it’s best to plan and research extensively. 

At the very essence, developing an export strategy unfolds in three fundamental stages where you focus separately on the “Where”, “When”, and “What”. You need to go through these in order as you start working on your blueprint for success...

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Attractive Markets for Small Businesses
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A small business with expansion plans should consider the possibility of exporting its services or goods. Trading beyond national borders presents lucrative opportunities for all kinds of enterprises; it’s just about finding the right market. Different countries have their own strongholds; and so, it will matter what sectors you are in. The Trade and Development Agency in the U.S. highlighted the following as attractive export options.

The Brazilian economy has grown impressively in the last several years, and its IT industry is one of the largest in the world. There were...

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