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Effects of Brexit Felt Following Downfall in Expected Economic Growth
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Several observers of international economies are citing a slump in economic growth of Britain following last year's vote to quit the EU. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that it expects Britain's economy to grow by not more than 1.7 percent in 2017 against an early projected growth of 2 percent. The expected economic growth for 2018 stands at 1.5 percent.


An Ailing Economy

The economy of UK didn't seem to be affected by the results of last year's referendum, but that seems to be changing. In the recent months, the Sterling Pound has tumbled in value, and...

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British Manufacturers Surprise With Growth
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The expected slowdown of the UK's exports has not occured as economists had anticipated. It was attributed to the EU referendum in July which saw consumers and manufacturers looking forward to economic chaos and the plummeting of sterling. The UK discussion of the Brexit was and is also another key factor that economists use as a measure of UK’s hold up to its exports. This expectancy has, however, not come to pass as UK industries escalate their production and enjoy the biggest export growth to a three-year high in April 2017.


Highest expansion rate since...

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