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China's bold Silk Road-style plan to link Europe and Asia faces setbacks and costs
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In a bid that has frequently been sensationalized as a "modern Silk Road", China has invested more than $14 billion in creating railways, ports, and other avenues of trade and travel between Asia and Europe, which are otherwise connected only by Russia. China is set to invest much more in this Silk Road, but that may change, if their current difficulties, mostly resulting from relations with Pakistan, continue.


China's economic trade programm for Europe and Asia

Officially called the "Belt and Road Initiative", China has financed a wide array of projects...

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Difficoult relations between the USA and Germany
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Germany has had the privilege of enjoying a number of trade-related surpluses over the years. This is with a good reason especially considering they are one of the world's top exporters in the European Union and have close trading ties with the USA.


Long existing trade deficit

However, the recent past has seen a lot of backlashes especially coming from the Trump administration. The administration seems to be unhappy with the trade deficit that the USA has with Germany. Although it is something worth looking into, it may be an unwarranted move especially considering Germany's...

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Inside Story
Pakistan Plans Donkey Export to China
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Pakistan has planned a mega project ‘Donkey Development Program,’ which seeks to export donkeys to China and in return, Chinese investors can sell the animals back to them. The idea behind the program is to sell donkeys to China and breed them so as to increase their population before trading them back. Pakistan has already established northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province as the best-suited region to carry out the program. China has been chosen for the project due to its high demand for donkeys due to their high value placed on their hides, which are used in medicine...

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