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UK SME Strategies for Brexit’s Uncertainty
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Despite the ongoing exit of Britain from the European Union, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are still keen on boosting their sales all over Europe. These enterprises are significant in the UK as they account for 50% of its turnover and a significant number of private sector employments. How the businesses will deal with the Brexit uncertainty is, therefore, very vital. 


Effects of Brexit on the UK 

Britain-Europe relationship is facing a lot of uncertainty, a condition that has led to the weakening of the Sterling Pound against the Euro resulting in the...

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Trade Deal Between Mercosur States and EU upcoming
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South American trade bloc Mercosur seeks to put the final touches on its agreement with the EU which is anticipated by the end of the year. This was at its biannual summit which was held in mid-July 2017 although experts caution that this duration might be too small to come up with a deal. Mercosur members Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay claim that the renewed talks with Brussels mark one of the most successful milestones in their talks. 


Trade deal in discussion since 1999

The Mercosur-EU deal entered into force in 1999 after the 1995 signing of the cooperation...

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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue Without Satisfying Result
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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue held on 12 July 2017 was not as productive as expected, an indication that there will be further constraints in the market between the two economic giants. An anticipated opening of U.S. companies in the Chinese market did not reach a satisfactory agreement during the Wednesday dialogue. 


Focus on the Dialogue

The meeting held by the Trump administration and China wants a “more fair, reciprocal and equitable” trade relationship between China and the United States to cut China’s $347 billion trade deficit. Wilbur...

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EU Trade Barriers and Potential Japanese Agreement
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New trade barriers have been introduced against the EU in 2016 marking a 10% increase from the current 372 at the end of the year as experienced by over 50 business destinations globally. The therefore lost EU exports which are worth around €27 billion could be adversely affected by the 36 barriers created in 2016. The European Commission has, however, made a commendable move in removing at least 20 obstacles which were hindering European exports, with this success credited to its practical Market Access Strategy. 


Countries with the Largest Trade Barriers 

The Trade...

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China plans to build a new silk road
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China is planning to build the largest-sprawling infrastructure project. Dubbed the Belt and Road project, it aims at developing trade links covering over 60 countries. It is the equivalent of the ancient Silk Road trade route that connected China, Africa, Europe and Central Asia. The plan has been described as the largest infrastructure project in the world. It is estimated that China already invests £115 billion ($150 billion) annually, and has already spent £692 billion ($900 billion) on the project so far. The project will involve a sea route that links the southern coast of...

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Getting Started in B2B Ecommerce – Why Consumer Solutions Don't Fit
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There's no denying the revolution that's occurred in ecommerce over the last decade. From being a novel approach that lost the likes of Amazon millions each year, it's now firmly in the mainstream and threatening the very existence of many offline retail verticals. However, this superheated expansion has been largely in the consumer arena, with B2B ecommerce lagging behind in many respects. Why is this?


The Differences Between B2C and B2B

In B2C, a huge consideration is in making the shopping process as easy as possible. Consumer purchases are often low in value, and can...

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Why a review on the export target in India has to be done
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Trade is a major contributor to the Indian GDP. Exports, in particular, make up to 20% of the GDP. The export of goods and services has created numerous job opportunities: Approximately 50 million sells abroad are said to create over 1 million jobs. In 2020 the exports from India were estimated to hit 900 billion. This target mark might not happen for some reasons. This is why the government is reviewing the export targets.

Global challenges have been said to affect the 2020 target of 900 billion. Experts also say it will be hard to even gather 750 billion from exports. Just like...

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Difficoult relations between the USA and Germany
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Germany has had the privilege of enjoying a number of trade-related surpluses over the years. This is with a good reason especially considering they are one of the world's top exporters in the European Union and have close trading ties with the USA.


Long existing trade deficit

However, the recent past has seen a lot of backlashes especially coming from the Trump administration. The administration seems to be unhappy with the trade deficit that the USA has with Germany. Although it is something worth looking into, it may be an unwarranted move especially considering Germany's...

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Russia's trade growth showing positive signs
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Economic growth in Russia has slowed down owing to sanctions imposed by other governments for its role in the Ukraine crisis in the last two years. While the recent visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel provided some hope that the issue of sanctions would come up, it did not feature much in their discussions. Nonetheless, the German chancellor said she hoped some sanctions may be lifted, under the condition that Russia shows significant progress in adhering to the Minsk peace plan. Especially Merkel has been a vocal supporter of the sanctions since the seizure of the Crimea...

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