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Package Outcomes for Free Trade 2018 
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The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership coalition of ministers for trade of the concerned countries is on the verge of concluding the six-year negotiation on free trade. The Minister for Trade and Industry of Singapore, Chan Chung Sing urges the negotiators to be flexible enough to reach a conclusion and seize the opportunity to end the talks with a credible package for free trade by the end of 2018. 


The Tokyo Convention 

On July 1st, the ministers of trade of Singapore and Japan, together with other representatives from Australia, Vietnam, Laos, New Zealand,...

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African Continent Edges Closer to Trade Agreement
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The Rwandan capital of Kigali was the stage for the signing of the African Continental Trade Agreement (CFTA) by 44 of the continent’s 55 nations. With the aim of creating a single market for goods and services on the African continent covering 1.2 billion people, it would be the largest trade agreement reached since the World Trade Organisation was created in 1995. 


Two Notable Absentees 

However two of the nations not to sign up to the agreement in Kigali were Nigeria and South Africa, two of the largest economies on the continent. Nigeria cited fear of the deal...

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EU's Largest Trade Deal Finalised with Japan
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After 4 years and 18 rounds of negotiation, the EU has finalised the details of a trade agreement with Japan. The agreement represents the EU’s biggest ever trade deal, with the two partners making up almost one third of the world’s GDP through a combined population of 600 million people. The deal will see tariffs either removed or sharply cut, making exports to Japan easier. The trade agreement is being referred to as a rebuff to protectionism, and providing the political will of the nations involved remains supportive, it could be implemented later this year or early 2019.


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US Tariffs and Their Implications for WTO Rules
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President Trump's plans to impose tariffs on imported aluminium and steel are set to pose the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with its biggest challenge since its formation over two decades ago. A major champion of the WTO, the United States is now proposing trade plans which could see member states trying to negotiate separate deals with the US and bypassing the WTO trade negotiating forum.


What is WTO?

The WTO was created at the beginning of 1995 and administers existing international trade rules. Headquartered in Geneva, it is made up of 164 member states and is underpinned by...

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Has Free Trade Reached Its Peak?
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Globalization, digitization, and technological advancement are some of the leading causes of peak trade. However, a recent move by President Trump to impose more tariffs on trade has been viewed as the main proponent of limiting free trade.


Leaders Oppose Trade Taxes Increase

The increase in trade taxes has been viewed undesirably by international leaders and some American leaders themselves. That has led to the threat of resignation by some leaders such as the director of NEC (National Economic Council). The main cause of Gary Cohn’s tentative resignation is the increase of...

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CPTPP Progresses Without US
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Despite the withdrawal of the United States from the original Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks following Donald Trump's election, the remaining 11 nations are on the verge of signing an amended version. With Japan taking the lead, the revised Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is due to be signed in Chile on March 8th. The final text contains 20 amended or suspended provisions, many of which were originally included following demands from US negotiators.


Perceived benefits of CPTPP

The agreement is being seen by members as a counter...

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The EU and Canada Launch a Free Trade Agreement Even as Britain Hopes to have a Share of the Benefits
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The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union has begun to be implemented on 21st September 2017, eight years after the commencement of the initial negotiations. The Agreement aims to improve the trade relations between Canada and the EU. Among other things, the agreement will cut import duties on thousands of products and services between the Canada and the EU member states.


A Pioneer Trade Agreement

This is the first trade agreement of its kind between Canada with any G7 country. It signifies the enormous strides that the country...

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Faster Trade Deals Desired
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Trade deals have been in the news since Brexit and come with a reputation for being notoriously long-winded to complete. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to change this, proposing possible procedural alterations to speed up the ratification of future trade deals. Having seen the TTIP agreement with the USA mothballed and the EU trade agreement with Canada almost derailed by the parliament of the Belgian region Wallonia, Juncker is expected to announce a new framework bypassing regional and national parliaments on large parts of any future deals.


Who Gets to...

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The UK and Japan Talk Trade
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With Japan remaining the third largest economy in the world it should be no surprise that both the EU and the UK view it as an important trading partner. Prime Minister Theresa May's three day visit to Japan will be looking to lay the foundation for a post Brexit trade agreement, yet she only needs to look at the vaunted Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (Jeepa) to appreciate how difficult any future talks may be. Negotiations on Jeepa began in 2013 and have still only been agreed on at a political level with details yet to be finalised.


Mutually Beneficial Trade


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The Quagmire Resulting From NAFTA Renegotiations
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The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, was enacted in 1994. It created a free trade zone between the US, Canada, and Mexico. The agreement has been one of the major concerns of the Trump administration's economic policies. During his campaign, President Trump promised to renegotiate the terms NAFTA with the goal of increasing the economic benefits the US receives from it.


Unfruitful 1st round of renegotiations

The first round of renegotiations took part in Washington from August 16th to 20th 2017. It began with what many seem to consider harsh and rigid attack and...

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