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Package Outcomes for Free Trade 2018 
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The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership coalition of ministers for trade of the concerned countries is on the verge of concluding the six-year negotiation on free trade. The Minister for Trade and Industry of Singapore, Chan Chung Sing urges the negotiators to be flexible enough to reach a conclusion and seize the opportunity to end the talks with a credible package for free trade by the end of 2018. 


The Tokyo Convention 

On July 1st, the ministers of trade of Singapore and Japan, together with other representatives from Australia, Vietnam, Laos, New Zealand,...

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Trade Dispute Between the US and China Might Return
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China and the United States declared a truce in their current trade conflict . Consequently, this has lightened tensions, stopped the immediate threat of the United States tariffs on China’s goods plus cheered stock markets. 


Long-run Picture Might Not Be Bright 

The outcome of the talks has made the supporters of Trump's American First policies upset, left key differences untouched plus kept alive the possibility of a disastrous trade war between the two biggest economies in the world. A vague statement that the two nations released stated next to nothing...

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The German-Chinese Trade Quagmire
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Germany has been Europe’s leading economic pillar in the recent years. One of its essential revenue sources is its trade partnership with China. In the past few years, for instance, it sold millions of vehicles to China making it the top car exporter from the region. One of Germany’s influential firms is the Bauer Group, an engineering and construction company that has invested heavily in China. Recently, with the new rule of China’s president Xi Jinping, the honeymoon seems to be over. Deutschland AG advised on the need for any German investor seeking to invest in...

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Practical Advice
Tips For Doing Business In China
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China has in the past 30 years witnessed huge strides in economic growth which has been fuelled by the manufacturing and export market. However, many businesses seem to be put off by the influx of cheap goods and commodities. Nonetheless, as its wealth continues to grow, many businesses abroad are now looking towards China as a market with huge potential. Here we look at how entrepreneurs can make inroads in this huge, yet still much misunderstood market.


1) Do your research

Before entering in any new market, it is imperative to do your research. While China is a huge country...

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China's bold Silk Road-style plan to link Europe and Asia faces setbacks and costs
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In a bid that has frequently been sensationalized as a "modern Silk Road", China has invested more than $14 billion in creating railways, ports, and other avenues of trade and travel between Asia and Europe, which are otherwise connected only by Russia. China is set to invest much more in this Silk Road, but that may change, if their current difficulties, mostly resulting from relations with Pakistan, continue.


China's economic trade programm for Europe and Asia

Officially called the "Belt and Road Initiative", China has financed a wide array of projects...

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China and US Announce Business Deals
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United States President Donald Trump struck a more conciliatory tone on his visit to China then may have been anticipated, ending in an announcement of $250 billion worth of business deals between the two countries. Having been highly vocal on the campaign trail regarding America's overall trade deficit with China which stood at $310 billion last year, he laid the blame with previous American administrations, saying China had to do what was best for its people. However, he did emphasise that the trade imbalance was unfair and one-sided, although he does not seem to have gained any major...

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China’s Place in World Economy
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While all countries are important for the world economy, there are some like China that contribute immensely. China continues to open up and integrate with the rest of the world. This move has seen it become the most important economic driving force globally.


China’s Imports and Exports

China imports and exports massively. Exports surpassed imports by 736 billion dollars in 2016, according to Economic Complexity Index (ECI). The country shipped the bulk of its exports to the U.S. Most imports originated from Hong Kong, while the U.S ranked as the third most...

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Indian Engineering Exports to China Surge 123%
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The April-June quarter of the current fiscal year saw India register a huge increase of 123% in the export of engineering goods to China. In figures released by the trade body EEPC India this equated to $629 million, up from $282 million in the comparative quarter of the previous fiscal year. This notable increase was driven by the rise in exports of non-ferrous metals, which in June alone saw a staggering 971% increase on the same month of the previous year from $14.75 million to $158 million.


Trade Deficit

The importance of these figures becomes more evident when considering...

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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue Without Satisfying Result
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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue held on 12 July 2017 was not as productive as expected, an indication that there will be further constraints in the market between the two economic giants. An anticipated opening of U.S. companies in the Chinese market did not reach a satisfactory agreement during the Wednesday dialogue. 


Focus on the Dialogue

The meeting held by the Trump administration and China wants a “more fair, reciprocal and equitable” trade relationship between China and the United States to cut China’s $347 billion trade deficit. Wilbur...

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China plans to build a new silk road
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China is planning to build the largest-sprawling infrastructure project. Dubbed the Belt and Road project, it aims at developing trade links covering over 60 countries. It is the equivalent of the ancient Silk Road trade route that connected China, Africa, Europe and Central Asia. The plan has been described as the largest infrastructure project in the world. It is estimated that China already invests £115 billion ($150 billion) annually, and has already spent £692 billion ($900 billion) on the project so far. The project will involve a sea route that links the southern coast of...

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