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UK SME Strategies for Brexit’s Uncertainty
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Despite the ongoing exit of Britain from the European Union, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are still keen on boosting their sales all over Europe. These enterprises are significant in the UK as they account for 50% of its turnover and a significant number of private sector employments. How the businesses will deal with the Brexit uncertainty is, therefore, very vital. 


Effects of Brexit on the UK 

Britain-Europe relationship is facing a lot of uncertainty, a condition that has led to the weakening of the Sterling Pound against the Euro resulting in the...

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How Brexit Has Affected Exports in Britain
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The Brexit vote in 2016 saw a mix of reaction from economists about the aftermath of the referendum on trade in the UK. Many predicted an economic downfall for the UK. However, according to the data provided by Office for National Statistics (ONS), Britain exports have continued to increase over the few months after Brexit. The data compares trade activities in the whole year after Brexit.


Trading with non-EU countries

Brexit offers a chance for Britain to intensify trade with non-EU countries such as USA, India, China and the developing countries. Its trade with non-EU countries has...

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Will Britain Join the Trans Pacific-Partnership?
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There are possibilities that Britain could be joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but only after the UK departs from the European Union. This move would be in efforts to explore alternative markets for exports that are presently going to Europe, but will possibly fall after Brexit. Reports by the Financial Times have it that the ministers have already had talks with the officials of International Trade to discuss the possible joining of the proposed free trade body. 


What is the TPP?

The TPP is an agreement intended to heighten economic ties between the member...

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London Is Still Number 1 In The Post-Brexit World, But Will It Last?
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Despite the initial post Brexit fears that bankers would start fleeing the United Kingdom, London has steadfastly remained the planet's financial epicenter. This is the finding of a survey carried out by the GFCI (Global Financial Centres Index) which ranked nearly eight dozen cities around the globe. London beat out Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York to claim the top spot. 


Trump's Isolationism

In fact, the GFCI survey found that London had actually increased its lead over the world's next most vital financial center according to the survey, New York City. A 24...

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Effects of Brexit Felt Following Downfall in Expected Economic Growth
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Several observers of international economies are citing a slump in economic growth of Britain following last year's vote to quit the EU. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that it expects Britain's economy to grow by not more than 1.7 percent in 2017 against an early projected growth of 2 percent. The expected economic growth for 2018 stands at 1.5 percent.


An Ailing Economy

The economy of UK didn't seem to be affected by the results of last year's referendum, but that seems to be changing. In the recent months, the Sterling Pound has tumbled in value, and...

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British Manufacturers Surprise With Growth
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The expected slowdown of the UK's exports has not occured as economists had anticipated. It was attributed to the EU referendum in July which saw consumers and manufacturers looking forward to economic chaos and the plummeting of sterling. The UK discussion of the Brexit was and is also another key factor that economists use as a measure of UK’s hold up to its exports. This expectancy has, however, not come to pass as UK industries escalate their production and enjoy the biggest export growth to a three-year high in April 2017.


Highest expansion rate since...

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Post-Brexit Tariffs Could Seriously Impact Jobs
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According to, Hanno Kirner, the executive director at Jaguar Land Rover, the post-Brexit tariffs imposed on the UK could seriously harm its Car industry in the event steps are not taken to ensure that the free trade deal with the rest of the EU is concluded. This stark warning was issued during an event meant to bring together Government and Industry players in the UK. Mr. Kirner's concerns echo those of many in the UK industry who fear that the current state of affairs could result in many jobs going abroad once the single market isn't accessible anymore.

Kirner also warned that...

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Inside Story
Britain Eyeing Golden Trade with America
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As Donald Trump assumes office, there is uncertainty of America's relation with the Britain. This is following an interview with the Times and Germany's BILD-Zeitung, where Trump mentioned that he wanted a "very Quick" trade agreement between these two countries.

Considering America is a heavy consumer of Britain exports and financier expertise, any trade agreement between them is very important. In fact, Britain has been exporting goods worth $121 billion to America and trades even more with America on insurance more than it does with EU. The World Bank classifies...

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