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London Is Still Number 1 In The Post-Brexit World, But Will It Last?
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Despite the initial post Brexit fears that bankers would start fleeing the United Kingdom, London has steadfastly remained the planet's financial epicenter. This is the finding of a survey carried out by the GFCI (Global Financial Centres Index) which ranked nearly eight dozen cities around the globe. London beat out Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York to claim the top spot. 


Trump's Isolationism

In fact, the GFCI survey found that London had actually increased its lead over the world's next most vital financial center according to the survey, New York City. A 24...

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Faster Trade Deals Desired
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Trade deals have been in the news since Brexit and come with a reputation for being notoriously long-winded to complete. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to change this, proposing possible procedural alterations to speed up the ratification of future trade deals. Having seen the TTIP agreement with the USA mothballed and the EU trade agreement with Canada almost derailed by the parliament of the Belgian region Wallonia, Juncker is expected to announce a new framework bypassing regional and national parliaments on large parts of any future deals.


Who Gets to...

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The UK and Japan Talk Trade
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With Japan remaining the third largest economy in the world it should be no surprise that both the EU and the UK view it as an important trading partner. Prime Minister Theresa May's three day visit to Japan will be looking to lay the foundation for a post Brexit trade agreement, yet she only needs to look at the vaunted Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (Jeepa) to appreciate how difficult any future talks may be. Negotiations on Jeepa began in 2013 and have still only been agreed on at a political level with details yet to be finalised.


Mutually Beneficial Trade


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The Quagmire Resulting From NAFTA Renegotiations
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The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, was enacted in 1994. It created a free trade zone between the US, Canada, and Mexico. The agreement has been one of the major concerns of the Trump administration's economic policies. During his campaign, President Trump promised to renegotiate the terms NAFTA with the goal of increasing the economic benefits the US receives from it.


Unfruitful 1st round of renegotiations

The first round of renegotiations took part in Washington from August 16th to 20th 2017. It began with what many seem to consider harsh and rigid attack and...

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Practical Advice
Planning Solid Export Strategies: Three Mandatory Stages
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Are you developing an export strategy to carry through your company’s products or services? Do you want make sure your export strategies stand on its own as a profitable success? This could be your biggest and most profitable adventure yet, so it’s best to plan and research extensively. 

At the very essence, developing an export strategy unfolds in three fundamental stages where you focus separately on the “Where”, “When”, and “What”. You need to go through these in order as you start working on your blueprint for success...

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Trade Deal Between Mercosur States and EU upcoming
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South American trade bloc Mercosur seeks to put the final touches on its agreement with the EU which is anticipated by the end of the year. This was at its biannual summit which was held in mid-July 2017 although experts caution that this duration might be too small to come up with a deal. Mercosur members Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay claim that the renewed talks with Brussels mark one of the most successful milestones in their talks. 


Trade deal in discussion since 1999

The Mercosur-EU deal entered into force in 1999 after the 1995 signing of the cooperation...

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Indian Engineering Exports to China Surge 123%
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The April-June quarter of the current fiscal year saw India register a huge increase of 123% in the export of engineering goods to China. In figures released by the trade body EEPC India this equated to $629 million, up from $282 million in the comparative quarter of the previous fiscal year. This notable increase was driven by the rise in exports of non-ferrous metals, which in June alone saw a staggering 971% increase on the same month of the previous year from $14.75 million to $158 million.


Trade Deficit

The importance of these figures becomes more evident when considering...

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Effects of Brexit Felt Following Downfall in Expected Economic Growth
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Several observers of international economies are citing a slump in economic growth of Britain following last year's vote to quit the EU. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that it expects Britain's economy to grow by not more than 1.7 percent in 2017 against an early projected growth of 2 percent. The expected economic growth for 2018 stands at 1.5 percent.


An Ailing Economy

The economy of UK didn't seem to be affected by the results of last year's referendum, but that seems to be changing. In the recent months, the Sterling Pound has tumbled in value, and...

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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue Without Satisfying Result
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The U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue held on 12 July 2017 was not as productive as expected, an indication that there will be further constraints in the market between the two economic giants. An anticipated opening of U.S. companies in the Chinese market did not reach a satisfactory agreement during the Wednesday dialogue. 


Focus on the Dialogue

The meeting held by the Trump administration and China wants a “more fair, reciprocal and equitable” trade relationship between China and the United States to cut China’s $347 billion trade deficit. Wilbur...

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US Oil Exports Expected to Quadruple by 2020
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US crude oil exports have doubled since 2010 from 2.4 million barrels a day to about 5.2 million barrels reported at the end of last year. This is according to the figures reported by PIRA Energy published in the Financial Times last week.


U.S set to be Among the Top 10 Exporters

Oil market analysts have predicted that the US will be among the top ten crude oil exporters in the world by 2020. Currently, Saudi Arabia is the leading crude oil exporter exporting at least 7 million barrels of crude oil daily. This may be bad news for the OPEC countries since US is not a member of OPEC...

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