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What you need to know about supplier audits
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Supplier audits are an effective way to identify and prevent any problems that may arise with your products, particularly regarding quality control. They allow any issues to be dealt with quickly, preventing them from becoming widespread. Audits may also ensure that processes are streamlined to give optimum efficiency, and can strengthen the relationship between a company and its suppliers. 


Carrying out an audit 

Gathering all the relevant information and documents that have been exchanged with the supplier should be the first step. This will include any...

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Investors losing confidence in Turkey
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The Turkish Lira is continuing to lose ground against the US Dollar as the political and economic turbulence between the two countries worsens. What started as a political problem regarding the release of an American citizen being detained by Turkey on terrorism charges has now become a full-blown trade war between the two nations. The US has imposed tariffs on imports from Turkey which prompted a direct response. Investors are now losing confidence in the ability of the two leaders to restore the relationship and reverse the decline of the lira. 

Experts fear a collapse


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An Overview of Italy's Trade and Export Business
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Italy has an established trade rapport with the UK. It is a crucial and advanced economy whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was USD 1.85 trillion in 2016. Italy is also the second highest manufacturer in Europe after Germany. Italian businesses are globalising, and most of them are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and need professional services to grow globally. 


Access to the Eurozone 

Italy’s industrial triangle of Milan, Turin, and Genova is conveniently located near other rich areas like the Rhine-Ruhr region. Additionally, while the EU has steadily grown...

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