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Europe To Apply U.S. Tarrif Countermeasures
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The G7 summit held in Charlevoix, Quebec, on Saturday ended on a negative note. After two days of very difficult meetings mainly focusing on the protectionist stance taken by the U.S., tensions escalated after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that Trump’s tariffs were insulting in the closing conference. The US president reacted with a Twitter tirade soon after, and true to his signature unpredictable and incendiary responses, he announced that he had ordered his representatives not to honour the Communique, due to Trudeau’s false remarks made after he had left...

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African Continent Edges Closer to Trade Agreement
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The Rwandan capital of Kigali was the stage for the signing of the African Continental Trade Agreement (CFTA) by 44 of the continent’s 55 nations. With the aim of creating a single market for goods and services on the African continent covering 1.2 billion people, it would be the largest trade agreement reached since the World Trade Organisation was created in 1995. 


Two Notable Absentees 

However two of the nations not to sign up to the agreement in Kigali were Nigeria and South Africa, two of the largest economies on the continent. Nigeria cited fear of the deal...

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