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Trade Dispute Between the US and China Might Return
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China and the United States declared a truce in their current trade conflict . Consequently, this has lightened tensions, stopped the immediate threat of the United States tariffs on China’s goods plus cheered stock markets. 


Long-run Picture Might Not Be Bright 

The outcome of the talks has made the supporters of Trump's American First policies upset, left key differences untouched plus kept alive the possibility of a disastrous trade war between the two biggest economies in the world. A vague statement that the two nations released stated next to nothing...

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The Consequences of U.S Move on the Iran Nuclear Deal
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The decision of President Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal has elicited mixed reactions from world leaders as they ponder the consequences of this action. European leaders have been working on convincing the U.S to maintain the partnership but failed. This move may cost the UK big as it further jeopardises the trans-Atlantic relations that have been affected by Trump’s protectionism stance since he took office. The French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, said that European nations needed to avoid playing ‘vassal’ to the U.S and take a harder position on the U.S...

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The German-Chinese Trade Quagmire
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Germany has been Europe’s leading economic pillar in the recent years. One of its essential revenue sources is its trade partnership with China. In the past few years, for instance, it sold millions of vehicles to China making it the top car exporter from the region. One of Germany’s influential firms is the Bauer Group, an engineering and construction company that has invested heavily in China. Recently, with the new rule of China’s president Xi Jinping, the honeymoon seems to be over. Deutschland AG advised on the need for any German investor seeking to invest in...

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