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Trade Dispute Between the US and China Might Return
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China and the United States declared a truce in their current trade conflict . Consequently, this has lightened tensions, stopped the immediate threat of the United States tariffs on China’s goods plus cheered stock markets. 


Long-run Picture Might Not Be Bright 

The outcome of the talks has made the supporters of Trump's American First policies upset, left key differences untouched plus kept alive the possibility of a disastrous trade war between the two biggest economies in the world. A vague statement that the two nations released stated next to nothing...

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The Consequences of U.S Move on the Iran Nuclear Deal
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The decision of President Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal has elicited mixed reactions from world leaders as they ponder the consequences of this action. European leaders have been working on convincing the U.S to maintain the partnership but failed. This move may cost the UK big as it further jeopardises the trans-Atlantic relations that have been affected by Trump’s protectionism stance since he took office. The French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, said that European nations needed to avoid playing ‘vassal’ to the U.S and take a harder position on the U.S...

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The German-Chinese Trade Quagmire
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Germany has been Europe’s leading economic pillar in the recent years. One of its essential revenue sources is its trade partnership with China. In the past few years, for instance, it sold millions of vehicles to China making it the top car exporter from the region. One of Germany’s influential firms is the Bauer Group, an engineering and construction company that has invested heavily in China. Recently, with the new rule of China’s president Xi Jinping, the honeymoon seems to be over. Deutschland AG advised on the need for any German investor seeking to invest in...

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EU's Largest Trade Deal Finalised with Japan
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After 4 years and 18 rounds of negotiation, the EU has finalised the details of a trade agreement with Japan. The agreement represents the EU’s biggest ever trade deal, with the two partners making up almost one third of the world’s GDP through a combined population of 600 million people. The deal will see tariffs either removed or sharply cut, making exports to Japan easier. The trade agreement is being referred to as a rebuff to protectionism, and providing the political will of the nations involved remains supportive, it could be implemented later this year or early 2019.


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German Exporters are Anxious in the Face of Rising Trade Barriers
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In a recent survey called Going International conducted by the Deutscher Industrie und Handelskammertag, the DIHK (the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry), 40 percent of the 2,100 German exporters expressed frustations with increasing barriers to trade. Specifically, the multitude of certifications and security requirements that have appeared over the last few years  – in addition to increasing tariffs – have made things difficult for German export firms. The survey results are alaming and there are signs that uncertainty in the...

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The Risks Involved in Export Management
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Due to accumulating outstanding invoices, the risk management of exports differs sharply from the domestic risks. Additionally, while trading in a different country you will certainly have to face various hurdles that you might not face in your own country. Some of the risks include the following:


1. Currency

More often than not, the currency of another country will be totally different from the one in your home country. Another factor that might prove to be quite problematic is the exchange rate. To counter these problems just ensure that you perform business quotations first in the...

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Practical Advice
Tips for Exporting in Spain
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Spain is a country that is fairly doing well economically, thanks to the latest rise of their economy. Historically, the country has always been doing well in trade. This is because it is strategically placed; it has many airports and harbours that connect it to other major continents. Therefore, conducting international business is easy for the country. In fact, the country is the 17th leading export economy worldwide. Here are some tips for exporting in Spain:


1. Familiarise Yourself with the Country

Prior to exporting goods in Spain, you must understand the country well. The...

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The Dawn of New Export Strategy In Cyberspace
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The world of business has taken an unprecedented shape with many business transactions taking place digitally. With this rise in technology in the business sector, risks increase. Therefore, certain measurements are necessary to counter these risks. The UK government is trying to help by making the country the place to do business online securely. The UK cyber security export strategy is meant to expand opportunities for cybersecurity expertise and to strengthen the security in the process. 


Cybersecurity market value

As of 2016, a survey on the value of...

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US Tariffs and Their Implications for WTO Rules
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President Trump's plans to impose tariffs on imported aluminium and steel are set to pose the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with its biggest challenge since its formation over two decades ago. A major champion of the WTO, the United States is now proposing trade plans which could see member states trying to negotiate separate deals with the US and bypassing the WTO trade negotiating forum.


What is WTO?

The WTO was created at the beginning of 1995 and administers existing international trade rules. Headquartered in Geneva, it is made up of 164 member states and is underpinned by...

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Has Free Trade Reached Its Peak?
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Globalization, digitization, and technological advancement are some of the leading causes of peak trade. However, a recent move by President Trump to impose more tariffs on trade has been viewed as the main proponent of limiting free trade.


Leaders Oppose Trade Taxes Increase

The increase in trade taxes has been viewed undesirably by international leaders and some American leaders themselves. That has led to the threat of resignation by some leaders such as the director of NEC (National Economic Council). The main cause of Gary Cohn’s tentative resignation is the increase of...

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