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Tips For Doing Business In China
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China has in the past 30 years witnessed huge strides in economic growth which has been fuelled by the manufacturing and export market. However, many businesses seem to be put off by the influx of cheap goods and commodities. Nonetheless, as its wealth continues to grow, many businesses abroad are now looking towards China as a market with huge potential. Here we look at how entrepreneurs can make inroads in this huge, yet still much misunderstood market.


1) Do your research

Before entering in any new market, it is imperative to do your research. While China is a huge country...

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Singapore and Sri Lanka FTA Set to Boost Regional Business
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Singapore and Sri Lanka have signed a free trade agreement that is set to change how the two Asian nations conduct regional business. The FTA is part of Singapore’s move to initiate bilateral agreements with as many countries as possible, especially after the withdrawal of the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The deal came to fruition during a three-day visit by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that began on January 22. 


Mutually Assured Growth

The free trade agreement opens avenues for Sri Lanka and Singapore to collaborate on various businesses that will enhance...

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Integrating the Blockchain into the Supply Chain
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The blockchain is a form of an electronic ledger that is proving success in various sectors. The need for development was targeted towards solving multiple challenges in the finance industry. With time, other sectors of the economy continue to make use of the technology. It is a decentralized form of database that stores data in the form of blocks that are unalterable but shareable.

In the same time, supply chains have grown such that they have become difficult to control regarding rapidity, cost, and accuracy of data involved. The list of challenges is endless, hence the...

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China's bold Silk Road-style plan to link Europe and Asia faces setbacks and costs
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In a bid that has frequently been sensationalized as a "modern Silk Road", China has invested more than $14 billion in creating railways, ports, and other avenues of trade and travel between Asia and Europe, which are otherwise connected only by Russia. China is set to invest much more in this Silk Road, but that may change, if their current difficulties, mostly resulting from relations with Pakistan, continue.


China's economic trade programm for Europe and Asia

Officially called the "Belt and Road Initiative", China has financed a wide array of projects...

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Will Britain Join the Trans Pacific-Partnership?
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There are possibilities that Britain could be joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but only after the UK departs from the European Union. This move would be in efforts to explore alternative markets for exports that are presently going to Europe, but will possibly fall after Brexit. Reports by the Financial Times have it that the ministers have already had talks with the officials of International Trade to discuss the possible joining of the proposed free trade body. 


What is the TPP?

The TPP is an agreement intended to heighten economic ties between the member...

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Practical Advice
Crafting a Customer Experience that Boosts Revenues
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Customer experience involves more than just a strong brand because the way that people perceive your company goes beyond the goods or services you provide. A customer must feel good after interacting with your business. The tiniest details can shape the image of your brand among consumers, which, in turn, influences sales and revenues. This is why customer experience has become a priority for any smart business owner. Customers must be satisfied at every stage of the purchasing journey to justify the money they spend on your business. Managing the perception of customers require a...

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Are the Greeks About To Say Goodbye To Austerity?
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Greece is hopeful a review of its current bailout program will conclude the country has made enough progress to satisfy its international creditors, in theory allowing it to raise its own finance on the international markets once more. After 7 painful years of austerity requiring rescue loans totalling €270 billion and involving three bailouts, August 2018 could see Greece exit its bailout program. The nation has passed numerous laws and regulations to access funds, some of them politically controversial. However it now has a balanced current account and is predicted to grow its...

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What to Expect from the next NAFTA negotiations
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According to the Mexican economy minister, the next meeting between the United States, Mexico and Canada officials is slated to begin on December 11, 2017 in Washington. It could witness the three countries reach an agreement on the overhaul of the Northern American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This is against the backdrop of a previous meeting that ended the previous week in Mexico. The meeting witnessed the three countries fail to make substantial breakthroughs on some of the contentious issues. This led to the U.S. president, Donald Trump criticising the meeting for its lack of...

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Practical Advice
Making sure Santa doesn’t deliver a gift-wrapped compliance complaint
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Just what senior managers always wanted – a compliance complaint after the holiday season. Gift giving and receiving is a corporate minefield, from ill-judged secret Santa presents that cause offence to employees, to over-lavish Christmas entertainment from existing or would-be suppliers. 


Better be safe than sorry

It’s very difficult to take away a gift that’s already been given, or rescind an invitation acceptance, so the best approach is to make sure everyone is aware in advance of what is and isn’t acceptable. Monitoring for bribery and corruption by...

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Italy's Economy Recovers Despite Underlying Problems
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With forecasts of 1.5% GDP growth for the year, Italy's economy continues its gradual recovery after many years of struggle. The country saw a loss of around 9% of its GDP between 2008 to 2013 during the financial crisis. However, recent figures show a 0.4% reduction in unemployment as business confidence grows and Italy benefits from the general economic improvement across Europe. Yet for all the positive signs, structural issues still remain in the economy, which along with future political elections could have a negative impact.


Underlying Problems Remain

Italy's economy...

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